About Us

The services we provide for clients are all deeply informed by our guiding ecological and conservation principles.

At GKEPS we are committed to the field of conservation and sustainable sensitive land area management. We specialise
in ecological restoration and rehabilitation by implementing practices that preserve, protect, and that are complimentary
to the ecological integrity of the surrounding environment.

GKEPS is a mobile and self-contained company, structured
to clearly and concisely apply processes that contribute to
the conservation and restoration of Australia’s ecosystems.
Our approach to sensitive land area management is highly effective because we proactively address elements that protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the environment.

We believe that through targeted, outcome-oriented, low-impact, conservation operations, GKEPS can effectively deliver conservation outcomes for our clients, and society as a whole, in a way that allows all to benefit while preserving and protecting our native flora, fauna, and landscapes.

Our work is thorough, effective, and provides quality conservation outcomes. We do not believe in ‘quick-fixes’, but in doing our work methodically and remaining focussed on achieving specific outcomes that are sustainable to lead the ecological recovery of a degraded site or ecosystem.

Our Values

Our personal values have a powerful impact on our everyday work. They define how we interact with each other, what motivates us, and how we pay attention and prioritize different topics. These values give rise to obligations, and thence to particular standards for behaviour.

These values give rise to obligations, and thence to particular standards for behaviour.


Our Integrity

Respect is earned, we all know that but integrity, that’s more about the person. It can be seen in how they act honestly, truthfully, and the code of honour that they live by. We always respect all life through our actions and words.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards because we know our actions always have an impact. We are implacable with mediocrity.


We aspire to positively impact the quality of life of people and the communities we operate in. We create positive impact by inspiring people through example and by building a safe and inclusive working environment.

We are a diverse group of people, who support and challenge each other. We know that to feel inspired, you need to have the basics in place first. You need to be able to feel good and confident about your role and the work you do, as well as find meaning in the interactions you have with others. Small successes build confidence. We value the skills, dedication and responsible actions of every person involved with GKEPS.

We value the connections we share from being observant and interacting with the environment. We value our connection to the landscape and community, and continually work towards making this connection stronger.


We know that by looking at the world from different perspectives, we can continually develop what we do.

We are ambitious but never ruthless.
We care, and even the small gestures do matter.


We value

Diversity and inclusion

At GKEPS, the concept of diversity builds on enablement and respect.

We never consider diversity in terms of simple acceptance; instead we embrace and celebrate the extraordinary layers of diversity contained within each individual. Diversity plays a key role in creating a positive, enduring, and empowering workplace culture. Diverse teams provide us with a richer vision and access to a broader range of opinions and viewpoints, all of which enhance our creativity, critical thinking and capability to innovate. We exercise zero tolerance towards any kind of harassment and exclusion, and we are ever mindful of any cultural differences that comes with working in a multi-cultural society.

diversity inclusion

Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and the public is a key priority for us. We actively promote a culture of zero harm and believe that safety is our shared responsibility. Health and safety are an integral part of our management system. We encourage safety leadership at every level of the organization. We also encourage people to be proactive and take their responsibility seriously, in order to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses. We recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure that safety is never compromised by our actions. Our key principle is “Safety First”. We place a high emphasis on ensuring that everyone at GKEPS is effectively trained to carry out their duties in a safe manner. As we exercise our bodies, so too we need to exercise our minds. We value mental fluidity.

Celebrating the everyday

We are present in the small moments of the everyday.

We appreciate the little things we do, as we know they have a big impact on us and our future. We are always ready to share a laugh but know that also the silent notes are meaningful. We take the time to celebrate the effort that we put into the task, and the lessons we learned together.

We see opportunities in every challenge.

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